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New virtual support group open to gun violence survivors

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

(Norristown, PA) – A new virtual support group at Victim Services Center of Montgomery County (VSC) will focus on helping survivors of gun violence.

“Every shooting is a trauma,” said Erin Milbourne, LCSW, CA, C-TPYG, Direct Services Supervisor at VSC. “Gun violence survivors commonly experience a wide range of emotions which impact a person’s wellbeing. This group will help survivors connect with each other, build coping skills, and be a safe place to share common experiences.”

This group will be led by a VSC counselor and held using HIPAA-compliant technology.

This is provided at no cost.

This support group, like all VSC services, is provided at no cost.

Language options

Interpreter services are available in over 240 languages at no cost to members of the support group.

How to enroll

Call the VSC hotline at 888.521.0983 and ask to speak to Direct Services Supervisor. Or, you can complete our online form to ask for a callback from our staff. Space is limited.


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