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Protective Schools 

How can teachers modify school spaces to create protective, safe environments?

Explore this page for tips, download the resource guide, and review information about prevention education specialists, who are available to collaborate and provide guidance and assistance with promoting healthy relationships and supporting your students’ social and emotional well-being.

Ways educators can modify school spaces to create protective, safe environments for all:

  • Display resources

  • Highlight supportive school staff/faculty

  • Model consent every day

  • Collaborate with local advocates and community leaders

  • Know the facts about sexual abuse, harassment, assault and the prevention of it

  • Amplify leaders addressing issues of sexual abuse, harassment and assault

  • Talk about issues in the news related to relationships

  • Engage parents in having conversations with their child about relationships

  • Explore resources that can support your prevention efforts

  • Inquire about VSC prevention and training opportunities

meet the preventionists

Prevention Education Specialists address the root causes of sexual violence in communities and assist community members in finding ways they can end sexual violence. Inquire about prevention and training opportunities today!

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Jessica Carson 
(she / her) 

  • Degree in Psychology with over nine years of experience in public speaking and facilitation and 15 years of experience in early childhood education

  • Enjoys cooking, yoga, music, and local markets

Contact Info 

610-277-0932 ext. 232

educator resources

Chalk writing on a sidewalk reads YOU DESERVE RESPECT.PG
Chalk writing on a sidewalk reads YOU DESERVE RESPECT.PG

Get Our Free Guide for Educators 

What's inside 

  • Printable Posters 

  • Printable pledge card activity sheet to engage your school community 

  • Social media graphics with empowering prevention messages 

  • Relationships Affirmation Deck for school announcements, creative arts, class meeting discussions, and daily affirmations 

Download the Protective Schools Resource Guide 

school leaders

This year, we nominate “Protective School Leaders” leaders with a certificate of appreciation for their prevention efforts within their school community. Protective Schools Leaders work to modify their school spaces to create a protective environment by implementing actions that aim to stop sexual violence before it happens. We are grateful for their leadership. Congratulations to the following Montgomery County educators!


Ryan Creedan
Principal, Perkiomen Valley Middle School West


​I consider myself very blessed to be serving as the Perkiomen Valley Middle School West Principal, and positively influencing students in this great school district.  

My ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for students where they can enjoy being part of a PV community that is committed to success and seeing them mature in to leaders that are respectful and responsible in all of their endeavors.

Yanocha, Angie.JPG

Angie Yanocha
Health & Physical Education Teacher, Upper Merion High School 


I have been teaching Health at Upper Merion Area High School for 23 years. We have been fortunate to partner with Victim Services Center and their education department to provide a comprehensive program on relationships and sexual violence. Our goal is to continue to present the facts to our students and spread awareness, in an effort to prevent sexual violence and provide resources to our students in need.

Katie Kelley health and phys ed teacher

Katie Kelley
Health & Physical Education Teacher, North Penn High School


Katie Kelley is a Health & Physical Education teacher at North Penn High School, where she has been teaching for 19 years. In addition to her teaching duties, she has been a passionate advocate for sexual assault survivors and sexual assault awareness. 


Katie has been involved in various initiatives to raise awareness about sexual assault and to provide support and resources to survivors. As the former advisor of the Various Voices Club she facilitated hosting an Audrey & Daisy film screening and panel discussion, which shed light on the issue of sexual assault and its impact on survivors. She also organized a Sexual Harassment Panel Discussion with Towamencin Police department and school administration to raise awareness about the prevalence and harm of unsolicited pictures sent in text messages. The panel discussion aimed to educate students about the issue and provide resources for survivors, with a particular focus on the impact of unsolicited pictures. Katie has also hosted after-school workshops in collaboration with the Victim Services Center, including the "School Free from Sexual Violence" and "Healthy Relationships" workshops. These initiatives provided students with a safe space to discuss important issues related to sexual assault and healthy relationships and helped to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all students. 


Katie’s efforts have helped to break down the stigma surrounding sexual assault and to create a more supportive and understanding environment for survivors. Through her work, Katie has made an impact on the lives of many survivors of sexual assault. This work is a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of speaking out against injustice.

Sarah Quintois
Heidi Alderfer

Sarah Quintois & Heidi Alderfer, Physical Education Teachers, Methacton High School

From the nomination: 

For over 30 years the Methacton High School Health and Physical Education Department has been committed to promoting education and teaching practical skills relating to personal safety and prevention. We have been partnering with Victim Services of Montgomery County for almost 10 years to broaden the student's educational experience.  Victim services educate our students about important topics on consent, and prevention of sexual assault.  In addition to victim services, we use other community resources that support our curriculum.


We would like to thank Victim Services of Montgomery County, Vaughn's Dojang of Audubon & Laurel House & Methacton Home & School, for their continued support through the years.

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