Information for Law Enforcement

Victim Service Center's Permission Slip Program is how Montgomery County Police Departments, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, and other service organizations connect people to VSC.


We try to involve a victim advocate as early as possible so that the victim has support as they navigate the criminal justice system and pursue healing.

How it works 

Organizations working with crime victims ask that the individual sign a release, allowing their contact information to be shared with VSC. The permission slip is then faxed or emailed to VSC, and a victim advocate reaches out to the individual to offer counseling, advocacy, and appropriate referrals.

VSC needs the following information to assist: 

  • Victim name, address, date of birth, and race 

  • Type of victimization that took place

  • Date of victimization  

  • A safe phone number to contact 

Our Contact Info

Business Line: 610-277-0932

Fax: 610-277-6386

24 Hour Crisis Lines Toll Free: 888-521-0983

Sexual Assault: 610-277-5200

Other Crimes: 610-277-4781