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A message from Mary Onama, LMSW executive director of VSC

The Coronavirus has created conditions that may make us feel scared, panicked, and worried.

We know people are stressed by job loss, adjustments to new work routines, and caregiving responsibilities. Children are unable to attend school and may find it stressful to not know when social isolation and distancing will end. Parents may be struggling to balance work at home with managing their children's temper tantrums, cabin fever, and missing of school and friends. Family members may be stressed by being in the same space for hours, and some homes may not have enough rooms to accommodate one’s need for private space. All these changes in the way we are forced to live can create increased stress and risk factors for conflict, including abuse and family violence.

Mary Onama, LMSW, is  executive director of VSC.
Mary Onama, LMSW, is executive director of VSC.

Victim Services Center of Montgomery County, Inc. is classified as essential service by Governor Tom Wolf, and we continue to provide services to victims of crime, their family members, and friends who are affected by the victimization of their loved ones. 

Call our 24-hour crisis hotline at 1-888-521-0983 if you are a victim of crime, are in crisis, or are going to the hospital for a rape kit exam. You will receive immediate help from our trained advocates and volunteers. Individual counseling, therapy, advocacy and child abuse prevention education services are also available. We offer telehealth services via telephone or video, allowing clients to receive counseling, therapy and advocacy from their homes and online options for education services.  

Mary Onama, LMSW

Executive Director, Victim Services Center of Montgomery County, Inc.


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