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Advocacy Intern

Help our advocacy team reach out to victims of crime, shadow VSC staff, and attend weekly supervision meetings

Advocacy Intern

The advocacy intern candidate must have an interview completed and if determined to be a good fit will follow with and participate in the 65-hour SAC/Victim Advocate training. Once SAC is successfully completed and the exam is passed, the advocacy intern duties include: data entry for crime victim referrals the agency receives, outreach to crime victims by phone and mail, shadowing staff when providing in person support to clients during accompaniments to Montgomery county courthouses, hospitals, and/or police depts. completing supervision meetings with a supervisor 1x/week, reviewing and discussing publications related to the criminal justice process and trauma work, and completing other misc. assignments as requested. Requirements for advocacy interns include: two in-office full days per week, intern the whole academic year (summer intern programs are case by case), access to a secured vehicle if there is a client request to respond in person to Montgomery county hospitals, police departments and courthouses within the hour from the request.

Training Requirements

65 Hour Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate Training


FBI, Child Abuse, PA Criminal Background

Time Commitment 

2 in-office days per week

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