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Statement in response to Derick Chauvin verdict

In this National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, we are encouraged by the guilty verdicts handed down on Derick Chauvin for killing George Floyd.

The guilty verdict speaks to this year’s theme “Support victims. Build trust. Engage communities.”

We join the nation in supporting victims, standing against violence, advocating for justice and engaging the community in dialogue about peace.

We remember the suffering and loss of George Floyd's family as we advocate for victims.

VSC is here to help victims heal from the trauma of victimization, increase awareness about violence prevention, and facilitate building of trust to create a society free from violence.

We are committed to identifying, reaching, and serving all victims of crime especially those from communities that often have less access to healing services.

VSC recognizes the role of our law enforcement and acknowledges the importance of their partnership in building trust in our community to ensure everyone receives equal treatment under the law regardless of ethnicity or origin.

We invite the community to join together with us, express kindness and support for victims of crime and for each other.

Together we can make a difference

Mary Onama, LMSW

VSC Executive Director


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