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Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision does not erase Cosby's conviction or the reality of his actions

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A special statement from VSC Executive Director Mary Onama, LMSW

(June 30) -- The June 30 decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court does not erase the reality that Bill Cosby was convicted and served time in prison for his actions. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision overturning a 2018 conviction by a Montgomery County jury is discouraging and a blow to survivors of sexual violence, who are traumatized further by this decision.

We, as advocates, honor and applaud the courage it took for the survivors of the Bill Cosby sexual assault case to use their voices to bring the case to trial. Sexual violence is one of the least reported crimes, which affects and traumatizes the survivors, their family members, friends, and the community as a whole. We want to remind all survivors today that Bill Cosby was convicted and served time in jail. Collaboration between victim advocates and law enforcement needs to continue to ensure the protection of the rights of victims in the criminal justice system. We will continue to focus on helping victims heal from the trauma of victimization, preventing sexual violence, and empowering victims of crime to seek justice. Survivors and their loved ones who would like to speak with a counselor to help them can call our toll free 24-hour hotline at 888.521.0983 or request help online. All VSC services, including trauma-informed counseling, support groups, and advocacy, are provided at no cost for survivors and loved ones. About VSC Our mission is to provide advocacy and counseling for all who have been affected by sexual violence and other crimes against the person and to promote sensitivity and awareness in the community through education. Founded in 1974 as Women Against Rape, we have been supporting survivors and their families for more than 40 years. Victim Services of Montgomery County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Call our free, 24-hour hotline at 1-888-521-0983.


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