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Protective Schools and Communities 

How can we modify school and community spaces to create protective, safe environments?

Discover how to modify school and community spaces to foster protective, safe environments for everyone. Explore this page for valuable tips, download our comprehensive resource guide, and reach out to us for collaboration opportunities aimed at promoting healthy relationships and supporting the social and emotional well-being of children and youth.

Educators, caregivers, and adults can play a pivotal role in shaping protective and safe environments within schools and communities. Here are some effective strategies:


  • Display resources

  • Praise supportive school staff/faculty or community leaders

  • Model consent every day

  • Collaborate with local advocates and community leaders

  • Know the facts about sexual abuse, harassment, assault and the prevention of it

  • Amplify leaders addressing issues of sexual abuse, harassment and assault

  • Talk about issues in the news related to relationships

  • Engage parents in having conversations with their child about relationships

  • Explore resources that can support your prevention efforts

  • Inquire about VSC prevention and training opportunities

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Get Our Free Guide for Educators 

What's inside 

  • Printable Posters 

  • Printable pledge card activity sheet to engage your school community 

  • Social media graphics with empowering prevention messages 

  • Relationships Affirmation Deck for school announcements, creative arts, class meeting discussions, and daily affirmations 

Download the Protective Schools Resource Guide 

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