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Advocacy Intern

Help VSC's advocacy team serve victims of crime

Advocacy Intern

Advocacy intern candidates interview with VSC and participate in 65 hours of SAC/Victim Advocate training. Once training is successfully completed and the exam is passed, advocacy intern duties include: data entry for crime victim referrals; outreach to crime victims by phone and mail; shadowing staff when providing in-person support to clients during accompaniments to Montgomery county courthouses, hospitals, and/or police departments; completing supervision meetings with a supervisor once a week; reviewing and discussing publications related to the criminal justice process and trauma work; and completing other assignments as requested. Advocacy interns must have access to a vehicle during the internship.

Training Requirements

65 Hour Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate Training


FBI, Child Abuse, PA Criminal Background

Time Commitment 

2 in-office days per week for 1 full academic year

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