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Prevention and Training For Parents and Caregivers 

Victim Services Center aims to help reduce incidences of crime through prevention programs for Montgomery County communities. Parents and caregivers play a vital role in creating safe environments for our children and youth to prevent forms of violence. Below is a list of topics available. If you're interested in scheduling a program, complete the form below or contact Jessica Carson at or 610-232-0923 ext. 232. If none of the listed topics meet your needs, please inquire about customized programs.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention 

We all have the responsibility to create a space where children are safe, respected, and believed. Below are a list of skills that parents and caregivers can learn to help prevent child sexual abuse. Adults must be educated and build the skills necessary to intervene with other adults, prevent childhood trauma, and create a safe and healthy world for children by stopping child sexual abuse. 


  • Promote safe and respectful behaviors

  • Take action when another adult acts inappropriately with a child or children, such as insisting on spending time alone with the child or not respecting the child’s boundaries

  • Become comfortable talking with children in your life about their bodies and development

  • Recognize questionable behaviors in adults

  • Talk with children about respectful relationships, age-appropriate sexual development, sexual abuse prevention, and healthy sexuality


Sexual Assault Prevention

A way we can protect young people and help prevent sexual assault is to provide education to parents. Below are some topics that can be discussed. VSC can provide education that can give parents the tools and confidence to talk their child about sex and relationships. 


  • Understanding consent including consent laws, power dynamics and online communication

  • Promoting safe and healthy behaviors

  • Respecting physical and emotional boundaries of others

  • Asserting your own physical and emotional boundaries

  • Positive communication, anger management and conflict resolution

Other Topics 

  • Bully Prevention

  • Technology Safety 

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